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It is both well made and attractive. I love that they included extra filters. I think everyone should have a product like this even if just for emergencies. I would highly recommend this product!

Alexa Cohen on amazon.com

Smaller and lighter than all the others…better for real hikers and outdoorsman. Same great filtration as all the top brands, and cool additional features. No need to wear it around your neck like all those other BLUE STRAWS

Brent Reece

My son camps and hikes a lot and he is regularly in very rural settings….Here is what he had to say:

“…he was hiking and used it in the water around the edge where it tends to be more dirty. He said that it filtered it completely”

Loves the backwash feature so that left over contaminates can’t come back into the mouthpiece.

Sturdy and not thin plastic like some he has used.

3 layers of filtration for added protection against nasty contaminates like salmonella

…Definitely recommends it!

Kim Hansen on her blog

This is something each person in your home should have one of. It’s a small, lightweight personal filter that you can keep in a backpack, car emergency kit, or a bug out bag.

Lois Jones
Sherry P on Amazon

This is great to have around the house for emergencies. It is also really great for taking on hikes, or camping trips. You just stick the pre-filter on it, stick it in the water (stream, lake, or whatever), and suck the water up like using a straw. The water gets filtered as it goes through and what you get in your mouth is clean.

Sherry P on amazon.com

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