Tips for First time campers


Camping is known to be one of the best hobbies and the best way to get away from the frustrations and the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is inexpensive and one doesn’t need to pay a ton on hotels and all the fancy stuff. When you’re out camping, it is just you and Mother Nature in its truest form. Many people go out camping to find inner peace, while some camp to get away from the everyday flurry and commotion of their lives. Whether you fall into the former or the latter category, here are a few things that you need to know before your camp out!

  1. PLAN AND PREP: when deciding to camp, you can’t just make a decision one day and then go off trotting the next day. You need to carefully plan and prepare for your camping trip. Make lists of everything along with gather information regarding the help, emergency places and etc. A planned and a prepared camping trip is more fun than a disorganized one!

  2. DESTINATION: The most important thing is your destination. Everything is based upon your destination, the whole planning and preparation revolves around the destination you have chosen as your camping site. If you plan on camping in a mountainous region then the planning and packing will be different as compared to camping on a hilly or a cold destination. When choosing a destination make sure that you are comfortable with it. If you are more of in an exploring mode then make sure that you have all the information about the destination. Search everything about the destination.

  3. THE RIGHT CLOTHING: Don’t take this lightly. If you want to have a comfortable camping trip then you need to have the proper clothing as well. You need to make sure that you pack light but yet carry everything that’s essential, because if you will be exploring then you wouldn’t want to leave you stuff. So pack light. Make sure you have the right amount of comfortable clothes that would last you. Have comfortable hiking and walking clothing and sleeping clothing as well. A Quick checklist of the essentials will include:

  • A Tent

  • A sleeping bag

  • A pack of disposable water bottles or 1 water bottle with a super lightweight Acquapura Personal water filter

  • A sunscreen (With SPF 30 or more)

  • A hat with a brim

  • Sunglasses

  • Swiss army knife

  • Set of dishware only if self-catering

  • Tools for keeping clean- Tissues, wipes etc

  • Basic toiletry kit

  • Map of trails and attractions

  • Guidebooks

4. GO LOW TECH: When camping, the main reason behind it is to be free from the flurry and the upheaval of the city and your lives. Go as low tech as you can get. Don’t get worried that you may get bored or have nothing to     do. Trust me, after a whole day of hiking and camping, you would just want     to curl up with a book rather than a gadget. Plus you won’t even have the time! Remember your camera

5. KEEP ONE MORE: when packing the essentials, make sure you pack an       extra. Yes you would have to pack light but then adding one more of a toilet     role, or first aid would just help you. In most cases the destination you choose to camp won’t have a supermarket nearby where you can pop in and get your stuff. Pack an extra of the essentials.

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